Men’s Dress Socks

After buying your men’s dress shoes you ought combine them with high quality men’s dress socks. They have been crafted in Italy, using the finest cotton and silk materials, thereby you can feel a caressing sensation on your feet with an exquisite shoe instep sensation.

Men’s Italian Dress Socks that suit every occasion

Quality overrules every edge of Carmina’s online shop, hence we have a wide offer of shoe accessories that can satisfy your needs wherever and anywhere you are.
With a single eye blink you will be able to differentiate 2 dress socks styles: plain one colour dress socks and ribbed one-tone dress socks. Our men’s socks collection highlight from other competitors by their versatility and easy wear condition.
A common feature that is shared with all our dress socks models is their length: we only include long socks, we keep a formal dressing code for every men. They are one size and have a mid-calf socks wear appearance.

How can I pair my shoes with the correct men’s dress socks?

As you can read on this section, you have to use our socks to accompany your shoe and beautify it. The main role player must be your Carmina men’s shoes, remember to wear your socks depending on your style and type of leather shoe that are you wearing.
It will be not the same to wear a chelsea boot than an oxford shoe or a loafer. Be aware to choose the adequate suit pants and top shirts or polos to build a dressing relationship with your shoes.
The overall result of your dress socks will be spectacular if you choose cautiously which element fits with your most desired men’s shoes.
Give it a chance and combine our exclusive men’s socks collection today, remember that you can choose between ribbed and plain models!