Shoe Accessories

Pair your shoes & care them correctly with our vast selection of shoe accessories for men and women. We include also premium quality shoe horns, shoe trees and other complements that you can purchase to leverage your outfit appearance. Delve into our most precious collections of outstanding shoe complements and choose your best!


Leather Belts to improve your silhouette

We carefully stitched every leather belt model using the same parts of genuine leather that we used to line our men shoes. The belt collection includes more than fifteen different models and formats, you will be able to overcome more combinations than you thought. 
Moreover, we have had our collection filtered in two different ranges depending on their embroidering process: cordovan belts and leather belts. Get inside and discover which one suits you better and gets yourself amazed!

Dress Socks to caress your feet and contrast your vamp

Dress socks collection for men that will fit perfectly on your feet, able to be used on every occasion and shoe model. In fact, what make dress socks unique and valuable is their genuine fabric: pure high quality Italian cotton.
Discover more than 15 different format, colour & size dress socks to try with your authentic leather shoes. You will discover how they can be easily combined with your men’s & women’s shoes and contrast your vamp and shoe outline.

Quality Shoe Care products to get more shoe lasting

When you buy leather shoes or shoes that have been handcrafted, they tend to deform their original shape due to shoe usage. To maintain the original shape you must use shoe trees and shoe horns to prevent it from wearing out, for instance, when you try to feet your heel in the shoe.
Furthermore, we supply you with a wide collection of waxes and beeswaxes specially produced to care your leather shoes. We used natural raw materials to manufacture our waxes selection, once applied over the shoe smoothly you will perceive how it becomes more shiny and starts to glimmer slightly apart from transferring leather breathable properties.