Quality Shoe Care

After buying your desired men’s shoes you have to take care of them if you want to maintain their lasting and durability. Having a good care condition of your leather footwear will help you to keep a good-looking and shiny appearance to your men’s shoes.

Use shoe creams and shoe waxes for a shiny outcome

One step that you have to be aware of is the cream and wax usage that is used to potentiate the shiny spec of your leather shoes. However, due to this leather composition it is really important to always use natural waxes, beeswaxes and creams to polish your footwear.
A shiny polished appearance is highlighted when you combine it with business tailored suits. It has different meanings of pulchritude depending on your dressing objective, keep reading to understand how to polish your leather shoes.

Wooden Shoe Trees & Shoehorns of great quality

To keep your shoes lasting we offer two different shoe trees: men’s shoe trees & women’s shoe trees. With these shoe caring product you prevent your footwear from suffering deformations when you place them into your shoe rack.
The shoehorns that we offer in our online shoe website will help you to fit perfectly every shoe without effort. There are 55cm long shoehorns and short shoehorns made of bull horn available with free delivery service.

Take care of your shoes with the finest polishing brushes

Brushing your shoes is essential to take off remains of dust, dirt or mug. Afterward the remains are cleansed, you start to put on the wax cream over the surface and spread it in homogeny movements trying to fill any edge and corners of the shoe.
After waiting several minutes, we must check if the cream is already dried, we recommend to use a small brush to perfectly cleanse all the edges. Finally we apply the polishing wax with the same process as we had done previously.

Remember that you have to buy a cream or wax that matches the colour of your leather shoes, otherwise you will hurt the pelt and erase the shoes colour. Choose a colourless wax to match every colour and shoe style and condition them to perfection.
We encourage you to make a step inside and select the finest shoe care products, you just need one click to obtain free delivery service worldwide!