Oxford Shoes

Exclusive oxford shoes for men handcrafted using the traditional Goodyear stitch on all models and lasts. We follow a strict shoe quality process and confer all our formal shoes with durability, elegance and feet comfort. Discover which oxford shoe best defines your style. Check our classic oxford shoes modelscordovan, whole cut, longwing or wingtip.


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If you love formal footwear and would like to know more about our oxford shoe models and manufacturing process, we have a selection of special lasts for every kind of shoe.

Which kinds of last do we use in oxford shoes?

There are many different lasts to choose from, but there’s one that stands out from the rest: the Rain last. Being considered the most popular shoe last, it gives the most elegant look to your oxford shoes.
We also manufacture our collection of men shoes with Forest and Simpson lasts. Every last has its own structure and composition, making them distinguishable on the toecap, insole and quarter. Nobody knows how the final shoe is going to look like, when we assemble and stitch the shoe parts with the finest leather we begin to craft the finest shoe details.

Exotic shoe skins for exotic gentlemen

Our most valuable secret can be found by digging deep in our oxford shoes section. You will discover the most wonderful and exclusive selection of raw animal skins. These skins go through a strict process where we choose the best quality leather for your men’s shoes
If you want to buy exotic oxford shoes, you will find the best lizard and alligator leather.