Loafer Shoes

Loafers are the most appreciated shoes for men worldwide. We want to provide you with the best loafers for men by using the best curated hides and the highest quality leather. You can choose from different styles in loafers for men that will stand out from the rest: penny, tassel and cordovan. Every loafer has it’s unique features depending on the finishing details.


Superb collection of loafer shoes for men, become a gentleman!

Did you know how loafers were created?

It all began at the beginning of the twentieth century where they were born from a deep relationship with the concept of the new “slip-on shoes”. They were famous for being comfortable shoes as well as they could be used under any weather condition.
We can distinguish any of our models by their different outlined styles: penny loafers and tassel loafers.
If you want to become a loafer expert, the end of the toecap and the original laces on the throat line of the loafer is what makes a loafer different.

Improve your outfit  by choosing handmade men’s loafers!

Acquiring a good loafer is one part of the deal, the other part is buying an enduring and comfortable loafer for men.
In our store you will find any colour you need for your loafers: black, brown, suede, tan, silver, white and more. We frequently update our store inventory to offer you the best leather for loafers: cordovan, box calf, lizard and other exclusive leathers. 
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