Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are considered siblings to oxford shoes, you can tell one from the other by their outline stitch between the sole and the quarter. A wider quarter wraps the shoe welt which has been carefully assembled by our expert craftsmen.

Impressive handcrafted men’s derby shoes!

Have you ever felt the smooth sensation under your feet caressing your skin? This is the very feeling you are going to experience if you buy our men’s derby shoes collection. 
Our shoe crafting process submits all the wooden lasts and shoe models to different quality controls while the derby shoes are crafted.

Unique brogue derby shoes collection!

There are different kinds of brogues that can be applied on derby shoes. In this section you can find cap toe brogues, longwing brogues and Norwegian brogues
Every brogue type expresses how the decorative details are displayed on the shoe pattern. The cap toe includes a plain toe with brogues that can be found on the toe cap. 
On the other hand, the longwing brogue has often more perforations in the vamp and at the edge of the toe cap. The Norwegian brogue is an exclusive pattern that offers a perfect stitched outline on the vamp and a separated toe cap stitched outline.

Match your derby shoes with your best outfit!

A lot of shoe enthusiasts have described derby shoes as a hybrid footwear that combines both casual and formal styles, allowing you to switch between outfits if you make a smart choice with your trousers, socks and coat. 
The colour of your men’s derby shoes will help you choose the tonalities should you wear in your outfit.
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