Men’s Leather Belts

Belts are the most valuable accessory to fit up with your men’s shoes. Our belts collection are embroidered and crafted with genuine calf leather and raw cordovan leather. You will be able to notice that a big difference exist between each model and material.

Men’s Cordovan Belts: the jewel of your men’s outfit

Whether seeking a formal or dressing look, cordovan belts from Carmina are the best if you want to achieve the highest luxurious state. 
It isn’t compulsory to wear a great looking belt buckle, besides you will need to acquire a high quality raw material that will provide a long lasting usage of your men’s belt.

Choose black leather men’s belts and perform your dressing outfit

Black is a luxurious colour in modern European culture, it fits good whatever you dress and respects every dressing style code. It fits perfectly with silk trousers and tailored jackets in every colour. 
You can try to combine them on your business, evening or casual suits and experience the finest quality leather. In addition, the men’s belt collection from Carmina is stitched and crafted using the same traditional sewing technique as we use on our shoes. 
Furthermore, we are spending the leather pieces that we use on our shoe crafting process whence we look forward to keep up the highest quality men’s leather.

Men’s Leather Belt sizing & perfect fitting

Take your time to measure yourself and check your belt size if you don’t know which size do you wear. Another recommended path to know your belt sizing would be checking your old belt purchases.
In Carmina webstore we offer a 35 inches length belt, it is perfect if you have a waist between: 32.5 & 34 inches.
Check out today our men’s leather belts collection and get a free delivery service with your purchase!